Chef Wayne's Journey


Some say that it all started with Wayne's preparation of French crepes for his 6th grade international food fair. This was actually the launch of a well-established career as a saucier, baker, and menu designer in the culinary industry.

With no real formal training, Wayne broke into the professional food preparation industry when he was hired as a prep cook for a major international hotel chain based in his hometown of New York City. Due to his natural talent for cooking, he quickly moved up the ranks to the coveted position of executive chef. During this time, Chef Wayne formed a strong bond with a mentor who saw even greater potential in Wayne. lt was this potential that resulted in Wayne's enrollment in a study program at the Culinary Institute of America, known as the "World's Premier Culinary College." Yearning to broaden his exposure, Chef Wayne decided to launch his own business, Mélange Caterers, Inc. Mélange largely served production companies and entertainment industry celebrities. Some of his notable clients included Spike Lee, Shaun "P. Diddy" Combs, LL Cool J and Kanye West. Chef Wayne further leveraged his business management, leadership and culinary skills with the opening of "Soul Flavors," a Caribbean and soul food restaurant based in the heart of downtown Jersey City, New Jersey. At this Zagat-rated enterprise, he created culinary delights which were both visually engaging and flavorful to the point of always leaving diners wanting for more! While managing the restaurant, Wayne was invited to compete in the nationally televised chef competition show, "Chopped", which airs on the US based Food Network cable channel. Unsurprisingly to anyone who has had the pleasure of experiencing any of Chef Wayne's dishes, he won the weekly competition and was crowned "Chopped Champion." After managing the business for seven years, Chef Wayne & his wife Jill relocated to Jill's home-country, England. While residing [n Northern England, Chef Wayne has held various culinary positions which have helped him understand product nutritional analysis and become familiar with regional produce and product vendors. This was the perfect breeding ground for the creative development of the Chef Wayne Soul Sauce product line!